Is Vaping Common in Malaysia? 

Want to know just how common vaping is in Malaysia? Then you’re in exactly the right place. We’re here to answer all of your questions. 

You might be wondering if the rates of vaping in this country are more or less than what you’d expect and be looking to find out where they fall. 

Whether you live in Malaysia, are going to visit the country, or are just curious about what the vaping rates are there, we’ve got you covered. 

Here, we will cover the prevalence of vaping in Malaysia for both young people and adults. We’ll also discuss why and what access to vaping products is like in this country. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Vaping Prevalence in Malaysia

Many countries have seen an increase in the popularity of vapes, and Malaysia is no exception. In fact, from 2011 to 2019, the prevalence of use of vapes increased from .8% to 4.9%. 

Let’s take a closer look at how this breaks down between young people and adults. 

Young People

Due to a recent legal loophole in the country, vape products can be sold to as well as consumed by minors. 

A 2022 survey stated that the prevalence of current e-cig and vape users in Malaysia among adolescents was 14.9%.


A 2022 report found with a 95% confidence interval that 5.4% of Malaysians used e-cigarettes daily in 2020.

Compare that to the United States, where, in 2018, 3.2% of adults were current users of e-cigarettes.

Why Is Vaping So Popular in Malaysia

Vaping as a way to quit traditional cigarette smoking is common in Malaysia. According to this article, 49% of smokers in the country have tried vaping to quit or reduce their cigarette habit.

A recent episode of the podcast Vaping Unplugged discussed the policies in Malaysia. They discussed the April 2023 exemption to the Poisons Act. The tax on vaping was discussed as a step towards regulation and creating a new stream of revenue for the government.

In 2022, Malaysia had the largest market for e-cigarettes in Southeast Asia. Reasons from a 2022 source included reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, quitting smoking, pleasant taste, enjoyment, and more. 

Regardless of where you are in the world, these are not unheard-of reasons for vaping, and these reasons often transcend borders. Let’s take a closer look at these reasons to pick up a vape:

Reducing the Number of Cigarettes Smoked

While vapes aren’t totally harmless, e-cigarette aerosol typically has fewer toxic chemicals than what you’d find in a traditional cigarette. For this reason, it’s no surprise why some would want to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke, and vaping can make this easier.

To Quit Smoking

Evidence has shown that vapes can help some people transition away from traditional cigarettes. Vaping can make this process easier for those who want to kick cigarettes to the curb. 

Pleasant Taste

Vapes come in a wide range of delicious flavours, as is shown from our selection at WAKA Vape in Malaysia. These tasty flavours are the reason that some people choose to vape. 


Let’s not forget about enjoyment. It’s not surprising that those who vape would enjoy the process of vaping – after all, why vape if you don’t enjoy it? 

Access to Vaping Products

It’s important to note that Malaysia’s laws regarding vapes are very lax, with Malaysia even being called the ‘Wild West’ for vapes. A recent legal loophole has allowed vapes to be sold and consumed by young people. Liquid and gel nicotine have been removed from the list of scheduled poisons, and the government has imposed a tax on e-cigarettes and vape products. 

For now, this means that access to vaping products is very prevalent, and vapes are extremely easy to acquire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Number of People Vape in Malaysia?

A lot of people vape in Malaysia. In 2016, a Ministry of Health Malaysia survey revealed that 14.2% of those aged 10 to 19 were smokers. In addition, 9.1% used vape products that were, at the time, illegal. A 2022 source reported that the prevalence of e-cigarette use went from .8% to 4.9% from 2011 to 2019. 

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As you can see, vaping is quite common in Malaysia. Here, we’ve covered some potential reasons why, as well as how easy it is to access vaping products in this country. We’ve also looked at the prevalence of vaping among both young people and adults. 

As policies regarding vaping continue to be reviewed in Malaysia, only time will tell where these will land and how things will ultimately pan out. For now, all we can do is wait and see what the laws regarding vaping will be once all is said and done. If you’re in Malaysia or planning to visit Malaysia, make sure to stay up to date regarding the latest rules and regulations so you are aware of what is and isn’t allowed. 

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