How To Recharge a Disposable Vape

Some disposable vapes are rechargeable, but if you don’t know how to recharge them, they will only last as long as their initial battery life when purchased. Knowing how to recharge your disposable vape will allow you to enjoy it longer and get more value from one product.

Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know to recharge your disposable vape and make the most of it.

Can You Recharge a Disposable Vape?

Some disposable vapes are not designed to be recharged. However, there are other models which do have the ability to be recharged for more use.

Are All Disposable Vapes Rechargeable?

No, not all disposable vapes are rechargeable. It’s important to read the product’s information before you purchase it, as some manufacturers clearly state that their products cannot be recharged. If you’re not sure if you have a rechargeable disposable vape, look for a USB or micro USB port near the bottom of the vape. If you see a charging port, that means it’s rechargeable!

If you don’t see a charging port on the device, then you know that it’s only meant to be used as long as the battery lasts – most are good for a maximum of 3,000 puffs and can be disposed of afterward. However, just because it’s not rechargeable doesn’t mean the battery isn’t strong. These disposable vapes have a much more powerful battery that’s meant to last the full lifecycle of the device and won’t need any recharging while you enjoy them.

How to Recharge a Disposable Vape

If your disposable vape can be recharged, you can use a USB charging cable and an adapter. Follow these steps to go from low battery to full battery so you can start hitting your vape device again.

  1. To recharge a disposable product, remove the bottom cap that is usually present to protect the charging port.
  2. Then, find a micro USB or USB charging cable that fits into the female port on the device. Plug it in.
  3. Plug the loose end of the cord into a power source. You can plug it directly into a computer or a power bank or juice it up using an electrical outlet by first plugging it into an adapter and plugging that adapter into the wall.
  4. Once connected, you may see a light on your vape to indicate it’s charging. Allow the disposable vape to charge until it reaches full battery life. This usually takes a few hours.

How Do You Know Your Disposable Vape is Charging?

As we mentioned before, you may see a light turn on on your vape device while charging. Most devices offer some battery indicator like this, though each model will be slightly different. Often, you’ll see different colored lights indicating various stages of the charging cycle.

It’s a pretty simple system that should be intuitive, but here’s what each color typically means:

  • Red: Low battery
  • Blue: Charging, medium charge
  • Green: Fully charged battery

By peeking at the color on your device as it charges, you’ll know where it’s at in its cycle and can remove it from the charger as soon as the battery is full again.

The WAKA soPro PA10000 follows this exact formula with green indicating >70%, blue indicating 30%-70% and red indicating <30% battery capacity. But with its powerful 850mAh pure cobalt battery and ability to charge 80% in 45 minutes, it’s the perfect vape for anyone factoring battery life into their buying decision. 

What If My Vape Doesn’t Have a Battery Indicator?

If your vape doesn’t have a battery light indicator, you’ll have to use your best judgment to determine when it’s done charging and can be used again. Here are two things to look out for:

First, does the device feel warm to the touch? Your device shouldn’t be too hot, but it should feel warm as it recharges.

Second, if you unplug it and try to take a puff of the device, does it work? Try removing the device from the charger for about 30 minutes to one hour and try to take a hit. If it works, you know the device was successfully charging. It will still need more time to reach a full charge, but at least you know the battery life is increasing.

7 Safety Tips for Charging Disposable Vapes

As with any item that needs to be charged, it’s essential to practice safety when handling and charging your disposable vape. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Use the Right Cord

Always use the original cord or one specifically designed for your device. Android charger interfaces usually work well with these products if you’ve lost the charger that was included when you bought the device.

Don’t Overcharge

While you want to reach a full battery charge, you don’t want to overcharge it any more than that. When you see the indicator light turn green, remove the vape from the charger. Don’t leave your device charging overnight, as you won’t be able to monitor the progress, which may cause the battery to overheat and damage the product.

Supervise the Charging

Keep an eye on the device while it’s charging to ensure nothing goes wrong. You don’t want the device to overheat or overcharge, and this is the best way to ensure the charging happens safely. If you’re charging it at home, try to stay in the same room as the device to keep it in your eyesight. Or, choose a mobile charging option so you can take it wherever you need to go while it charges.

Use a Power Bank When Possible

Power banks are the best and easiest way to charge a disposable vape device. You won’t need to plug anything into the wall, and you can take your vape and power bank charger with you anywhere you need to go so you can keep an eye on it while it charges.

Don’t Remove Unnecessary Parts

When you open the cover on the bottom of the vape to access the charger, be careful not to fiddle with or remove any other parts of the vape. Components like the black sensor protector are important and ensure you can use the product safely – leave them where they are.

Be Careful As You Plug In

If you are plugging your device into a wall to charge, be careful. Any time you plug something into a wall outlet, you run the risk of shocking yourself when you insert the plug. To avoid this, only touch the cord while it’s still unplugged from the wall, and try to keep your hands dry when you do touch it.

Don’t Try to Recharge Non-Rechargeable Disposable Devices

No matter what, don’t ever try to recharge a disposable device that’s not meant to be recharged. It won’t work and can cause the battery to overheat or short circuit, which may cause a fire or other damage to the product and potentially hurt you or someone else with an electric shock or other injuries.

While rechargeable disposables are designed for this and have mechanisms in place to prevent the battery from overcharging, non-rechargeable disposables do not, so attempting to charge them runs a high risk of damaging the product or causing harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Recharge a Disposable Vape?

How often a disposable vape needs to be recharged depends on your vaping habits and how much you use the device. For most people, it’s normal to recharge the device after every few days or so of use.

How Long to Charge a Disposable Vape For?

It typically takes a few hours for a disposable vape to fully charge. However, you can usually tell when it’s done charging by looking at the battery indicator light. When the light turns green, it should be good to go.

Can You Overcharge a Disposable Vape?

Yes, if left plugged in for too long, a disposable vape may overheat and overcharge. To prevent this, always use the original charger and keep an eye on your device as it charges so you can remove it from the charger when it’s done.

Final Thoughts

Recharging your disposable vape is a simple process that usually takes only a few hours to complete. To ensure the safety of you and your device, make sure to use the right cord and keep an eye on it while it charges to prevent overcharging. Additionally, never try to recharge non-rechargeable disposables, as this could cause serious damage or injury. With these tips in mind, you should be able to safely charge any disposable vape with ease and enjoy your disposable vape for longer!

If you’re interested in disposable vapes, consider the WAKA soMatch 6000, which is rechargeable up to 80% charge in just 35 minutes with a clear battery indicator so you’ll know when it’s ready to go.