How Much Is a Disposable Vape in Malaysia? 

You probably know how quickly the costs can add up if you’re a vaper. It can soon become expensive depending on how often you vape and the types of vapes you buy. 

So, how much is a disposable vape in Malaysia? 

Understanding the cost of your vapes is essential to be able to plan accordingly for how much your vapes are costing you over time. How much is one disposable vape? How much does it cost if you vape consistently over the course of a month? 

Today, we’ll delve into different options that WAKA offers and their prices to help you be able to budget accurately for your disposable vapes. 

How Much Does a Disposable Vape Cost in Malaysia? 

Here, we’ll delve into different WAKA products and their costs to help you understand the different price points available for vapes in Malaysia. 

Remember, not all vapes are made equal – some will last longer than others, and those longer-lasting models often come with a higher price tag. However, this could save you money in the long run if you’re going through fewer disposable vapes overall. 

Let’s take a closer look at some different options from our selection at WAKA!


The WAKA SOLO rings up at RM26.00 and offers an impressive 1,800 puffs. It comes in various flavours in different categories, including the Cool Series, Creamy Series, Limited Edition Fruit Flavours, and the Special Mixed Series. 

The WAKA Solo not only comes in delicious flavours but also features a long-lasting battery and a futuristic LED tail light. 

Let’s say you take around 300 puffs a day. The WAKA SOLO would last you about six days. It would take about 5 WAKA SOLOs to get through one month – costing you RM130. 

WAKA soMatch

Find your perfect match with the WAKA soMatch, which comes with a price tag of RM23.90 – RM39.00. With the WAKA soMatch you can create your perfect fit that matches your style with unique and delicious flavours like jasmine green tea, icy coconut water, strawberry banana, and more. 

The WAKA soMatch comes in lots of colours and flavours so you can find your perfect fit. This is an excellent option for any vaper, offering 6,000 puffs, 2nd-gen MESH, and a clear battery indicator. 

The WAKA soMatch will cost you RM38.00 for a kit and pod and just RM23.90 for a refill pod. The WAKA soMatch will offer an impressive 6,000 puffs. 

WAKA Smash

The WAKA Smash provides up to 6,000 puffs in a rechargeable device. It’ll offer the same freshness on your last puff as it did on the first, features advanced 2nd-generation mesh, and USB-C fast charging.

This device comes in delicious flavours, including pinenana melon, aloe grape, fresh mint, and more. Priced at RM35.00, you’ll find that this device packs a lot of puffs. Let’s say you get through 3 of these in a month. That would cost you RM105.00. 

WAKA soPro

Want something that genuinely lasts the test of time? The WAKA soPro offers 10,000 puffs in 9 different delicious flavours. Featuring DUALMESH™ technology, an 850mAh battery, as well as both Normal and Boost Modes, this disposable vape has it all. Not to mention it comes with clear battery and liquid indicators, so you’re never caught off guard when your vape runs out again. 

The WAKA soPro comes with a price tag of RM45.00. While this is a higher price tag than other options, this does offer a whopping 10,000 puffs for a long-lasting disposable vape. 


Looking for a bargain? Consider browsing our combo set options for WAKA SOLO and SMASH! We offer combo sets of 3 pieces, 5 pieces, and 10 pieces, even including goodies like caps, T-Shirts and masks. For the WAKA SOLO combo sets, prices range from RM60.00 to RM200.00, while for WAKA SMASH, they range from RM78.00 to RM260.00. 

Choose your flavour for each device, allowing you plenty of delicious variety so you’ll never get bored. Don’t worry when one vape device is reaching the end of its life as you’ll have the next one ready to go and enjoy bargain pricing at the same time. 

Is It Cheaper To Buy Disposable Vapes? 

Whether or not it is cheaper to buy disposable vapes depends on many factors. The initial cost to get started is undoubtedly more affordable, and you’ll be able to avoid unexpected expenses arising from replacing or repairing components. With a disposable model, you’re simply able to get a fresh one and keep on puffing.

Looking to Buy a Disposable Vape? Shop WAKA Vape in Malaysia! 

Now you have a much better idea of how much a disposable vape will cost you in Malaysia. Different vapes will, of course, ring up at different prices, but some of the more expensive options will last you longer and will likely end up costing you less money in the long run. Understanding these prices is essential to being able to budget accordingly for what vaping will cost you in the long run, as these prices do naturally add up over time. 

With flavour options to fit any preference and many options with varying exciting features, any vaper is sure to find their ideal fit in our selection at WAKA in Malaysia. Browse what we have to offer and try one of our disposable vapes for yourself.