Can You Vape Indoors in Malaysia?

Whether you live in Malaysia or just visiting, you might wonder what the laws and regulations surrounding vaping are, particularly where you are able to pull out your vape and take a puff. 

We’ll be covering everything you need to know about vaping indoors in Malaysia, including where it is and isn’t advised.

Is It Legal to Vape Indoors in Malaysia?

Malaysian laws currently don’t explicitly ban using e-cigarettes or vape devices indoors, so you should be free to vape indoors as long as you’re using good judgment. 

On April 1, 2023, the Federal Government gazetted specific amended regulations that exempted nicotine liquids and gels from the Poisons Act of 1952. Motivated by the tax charged on the sale of vape devices, this change effectively legalised vaping in Malaysia.

However, there’s still uncertainty and a lack of clarity around the laws and regulations for vaping since its exclusion, so it’s always best to use caution when using a vape indoors. If you’re inside a business, you can politely ask for permission before you begin vaping, just in case.

Is It Acceptable to Vape Indoors?

Vaping indoors can be acceptable in certain places. While places of health or food may have personal policies against the behaviour, there’s no explicit ban on using vapes indoors in Malaysia. 

It’s not unlikely that you’ll pick up the scents of flavoured vapes indoors in public venues, as vapes are excluded from tobacco control regulations, which limit where users can smoke in public.

Is Vaping Inside Rude?

Some people may consider vaping indoors rude, especially if it distracts people from the intended purpose of the public venue. Vaping in restaurants, for example, may be frowned upon as the pungent smells of flavoured vapes can easily migrate into other patrons’ air space. The best way to avoid being rude by using a vape device indoors is to ask the establishment’s owner if they allow the activity before using your vape. 

Does Vaping Affect Indoor Air Quality?

While more studies are required to fully understand the impacts of vaping indoors, most studies show that, while vape devices produce fewer carcinogenic and toxic compounds than traditional cigarettes, vaping does have some effect on indoor air quality. 

If you still choose to vape indoors, take extra precautions by using a device with the lowest wattage and voltage to minimise the vapour emitted. Doing so will help to reduce the impacts on air quality. Additionally, it’s wise to choose flavours that are not too strong or overpowering, as these can linger in the air for extended periods and cause discomfort for those around you.

Where to Avoid Vaping Indoors in Malaysia

While no specific regulations currently limit where you can and cannot vape, many advocacy groups are pressing for more straightforward instructions and rules. Use common sense to determine where using vapes indoors may not be the best idea.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness centres are places of health, so it is advised to avoid vaping indoors as the vapour can be distracting or irritating to those around you.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Vaping indoors is also not advised in hospitals or medical facilities, as these are places of health where it’s essential to maintain clean air quality for patients.


Although vaping indoors in restaurants may be legal, it can still be considered rude and disrespectful. These establishments often operate to serve food and drinks, so the smoke or vapour from vapes can be distracting to patrons and staff alike.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities are places of education, and vaping inside can distract students, teachers, and administrators alike. The impact on air quality is also not ideal since young children are often present at schools.

Public Transit

Vaping on public transport like buses, trains, or planes is also not advisable. It’s best to check with local authorities before vaping aboard any form of public transport or refrain until you’ve arrived at your destination.

Churches or Religious Buildings

Vaping indoors at churches or other religious buildings is typically not allowed and is considered disrespectful and rude. We recommend avoiding using vape devices inside at any of these locations.

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As of 2023, it’s effectively legal to vape indoors in Malaysia. You should still use caution and common sense before vaping inside, however, as there’s a lack of clarity around specific regulations for vaping, and it can impact indoor air quality. If you choose to vape indoors, always ask politely for permission if you’re unsure of the rules, and avoid certain areas where vaping is considered rude. 

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