Can a Disposable Vape Explode?

As vapes continue to gain popularity as an alternative to smoking, there are certain safety concerns associated with the devices. One of the most common worries is the likelihood of your vape exploding. Like many electronic devices, disposable vapes contain lithium-ion batteries. While it’s possible for these batteries to explode, chances are rare.

How rare? Well, that’s what we’re going to answer in this guide! By the end, you’ll be fully educated on the likelihood of vape explosions.

What Can Cause Disposable Vapes To Explode?

Multiple factors can cause a disposable vape to explode. Understanding them is the first step to reducing the risk entirely.

1. Incorrect Batteries

Certain batteries are not applicable to certain vapes. If you use the wrong kind, the likelihood of an electrical malfunction is significantly higher. Try to only purchase from a reputable source that can confirm the batteries are appropriate for your chosen device. 

Some manufacturers will mislabel the amperage of their batteries or use misleading language to convince buyers they’re safe. It’s vitally important that you only use a trusted brand rather than an online marketplace. 

2. Improper Battery Storage/Placement

Another potential cause for a vape explosion is improper battery placement. If the battery comes loose and somehow gets into contact with another conductive item (such as coins, keys, or similar metal items in your pocket), this can generate significant heat and result in the device burning up. 

Generally, it’s wise not to carry batteries loose in your pocket. Try to keep them in appropriate storage and protected from sources of heat or moisture. 

3. Excessive Charging

Despite the name ‘disposable’ indicating that these vapes are intended only for one use, some are designed to be recharged. However, knowing how to properly charge them is essential to avoid an explosion. 

Vapes don’t possess batteries with a high capacity like smartphones do, and this is especially true for disposable vapes. For this reason, you should never leave your vape to charge overnight like you would with your phone. That continuous energy level will surely burn out your battery and explode. 

4. Self-Made Batteries

Some veteran vapers like to create low-resistance coils to power their vapes. These coils often feature no safety measures, so you can imagine the risks they pose. They will likely draw more current than they can safely store, increasing the heat of your device dramatically and potentially causing a fire or explosion.

Vape safety precautions are there for a reason. Although modding your device can feel like an exciting prospect to explore, you have to keep the risks firmly in mind. Stick to trusted manufacturers. 

5. Plain Carelessness

You might not like to hear it, but sometimes the cause behind a vape explosion is simply the carelessness of the vaper themselves. 

What does this carelessness look like? Repeatedly dropping it, leaving it in the sun or nearby other heat sources, or modding it with inappropriate additions are all risk factors. Taking greater care of your vape can reduce the risk of an explosion or fire. 

Can a Disposable Vape Explode In Water?

It is extremely unlikely for a vape to explode when exposed to water. This is because disposable vapes are manufactured to contain a smart chip inside that prevents the device from operating as soon as it’s exposed to water. If you’ve dropped your vape in water, replace it as quickly as possible. 

Warning Signs: How To Know if Disposable Vape Is Going To Explode

  • Enlargement/Bulbing: if your vape starts to look larger or deformed, it could be because the battery has dangerously expanded.
  • Leaking: a damaged vape will leak e-juice.
  • Overheating: if your device feels unusually hot, it is likely experiencing overheating that can lead to an explosion.
  • Worsened Battery Life: if your vape isn’t lasting for as long, it could indicate a battery fault.
  • Strange Sounds: excessive crackling or hissing is a significant warning sign.
  • General Damage: wear and tear builds up over time and increases the risk of explosion.

7 Preventative Tips to Help Avoid Disposable Vape Battery Explosions

Preventing a vape explosion is easier than dealing with one, so let’s walk through some essential tips. 

1. Keep Your Vape Away From Water

As we mentioned before, water and your vape do not go together. Although this won’t necessarily result in an explosion, it’s still a terrible idea, so keep them dry!

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Vape explosions are often caused by overheating, and nothing can achieve that faster than exposure to the sun. Keep your vape in a cool, dry location. 

3. Only Use Undamaged Vapes

You’d be surprised by how many vapers hold onto their damaged devices. Be realistic and let go of your vape when it’s time. 

4. Dispose of Your Device Properly

Your vape should come with instructions, no matter how brief, on properly disposing of your device. Follow them. 

5. Charge Your Device Properly

Don’t leave your vape on charge overnight or overload its battery capacity in any way. 

6. Pay Attention to Instructions

All disposable vapes come with instructions, so follow the guidelines provided. 

7. Only Purchase from Reputable Brands

Don’t trust knock-off brands or sketchy online vendors because they’re affordable. Only use reputable manufacturers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Disposable Vapes Explosive?

It’s rare for a disposable vape to explode, but under the right circumstances, the lithium-ion battery within the device can explode. 

Do Disposable Vapes Catch on Fire?

If exposed to too much heat, a disposable vape can catch fire. It’s safest to store your vape in a cool, dry place.

Can Disposable Vapes Explode When Not in Use?

Yes. If the battery is exposed to another metal conductor or in direct sunlight, then you don’t even need to be using your vape for it to explode. 

Can Disposable Vapes Overheat?

Yes. Overuse, overcharging, or exposure to direct sunlight or an additional heat source can all cause your vape to overheat. 

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Although the chances of your disposable vape exploding are slim, the risk is still present. Follow our advice to stay safe. Additionally, purchase from a reputable source like WAKA Vape to ensure you’re always using a safe and effective product