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6000 Puff Rich Flavor
2nd-Generation MESH Coil
9-layer Flavor Lock Technology
Budget Friendly Prefilled Pod with TRUE 6000 puffs
2nd Gen MESH Maximize Richness
Clear Battery Indicator
Boost Mode
Clear e-liquid & battery indicators
True 10,000 Puffs
Smaller Puffs
Easy to Carry
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WAKA Experience

We believe that design enables self-expression. Our high-quality vapes express individuality, breaking the mold with a sleek black & white color scheme. And we know that one flavor does not fit all. That’s why we rigorously test different flavors all around the world, ensuring that each and every  has great choices customized to their particular taste. We love what we do. Our passion and pride directs our mission: to take the lead on every last puff, making your vaping experience the best it can possibly be.


How to Use a Disposable Vape?

By design, disposable vape devices are incredibly easy to use. You can use them immediately after purchase without any setup.

In most cases, disposables like the WAKA Solo have a “draw-fire” mechanism so that the battery activates instantly when you inhale from the device’s mouthpiece. The same action heats the liquid and allows you to pull vapour right away without any set-up. 

Usually, there is no power button or switch to turn on the device. You simply inhale through the mouthpiece and experience the delicious flavour without any unnecessary steps whenever you want to take a puff from your WAKA device. 

Plus, the battery automatically shuts off when you stop pulling from the mouthpiece. It allows you to put the device down when you finish vaping without worrying about draining the battery. No need to turn it off — it all happens for you.

While most disposable vapes feature a draw-fire mechanism, there are a few that do require you to turn them on and off. Read the packaging before discarding it to ensure you know how to power on/off the device. 

How to Store a Disposable Vape?

Even the best-made devices need proper handling. Like most battery-powered devices, it’s essential to store your WAKA disposable vape at room temperature. 

Extreme heat or cold can damage the power supply, leading to a shorter lifespan for the vape. You should also ensure that your device isn’t exposed to severe humidity for extended periods and stays away from water. Sun and water exposure can damage the battery or erode metal components.

Are Disposable Vape Any Good?

The quality of the vaping experience depends on the quality of your product. If you’re new to disposables, why not start strong? WAKA by RELX offers a wide selection of flavours, trendy colours, and quality assurance from a reputable brand, all at a competitive price. 

As WAKA proves, many disposable pens today rival refillable devices. You can blow massive clouds and enjoy your favourite flavours at a fraction of the cost. Plus, disposables are so budget-friendly that there’s almost no risk in trying different devices to find your perfect fit!

If your concerns about vaping being any good are health-related, it’s worth noting that it’s still an area that requires more research. It’s best to do your research and avoid junk science and wild claims that are most likely there as click-bait.